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Part of all our SEO packages we do an extensive quality link building campaign to boost your presence and SEO reach :

Let us explain :-)

Since the late 1990′s search engines have used links as votes – representing the democracy of the web’s opinion about what pages are important and popular.

Backlinks, also known as incoming links, inbound links, inlinks, and inward links, are incoming links to a website or web page. In basic link terminology, a backlink is any link received by a web node (web page, directory, website, or top level domain) from another web node. – Wikipedia definition 

Why is Be Visible known for superb backlink building?

Our technique is all about building manual unique links.

  • We only build links manually
  • Full web campaign control and versatility
  • Monitor your results 24/7, through continues site auditing on back links.

Link Building Services:

Like most business owners, you’ve spent a considerable amount of time, money and resources on building out a website showcasing your products and services. The next step in the process is getting traffic to your site. Link building for SEO is one of the best ways to generate traffic to your site through users actually clicking the links that point to your site and from the value the search engines place on the links giving you a better position in the search engine results. Each link to your site is like a vote for your site.

SEM  Search Engine Marketing

With quality link building your site can:

  • Receive more votes.
  • Obtain higher search engine rankings.
  • Generate more traffic.
  • Garner more leads.
  • Gain more business and revenue.

Links to a website continue to be one of the most important factors that search engines utilize to determine where pages will rank in the SERPs for your targeted keywords. Through link building services, we will increase the quality and quantity of links to your website, increasing the perceived importance of your pages by search engines, helping them to rank higher in search results.

The websites ranking well for any short tail search terms are going to be those with the most quality backlinks. If your website has fewer links than your competitors, then searchers trying to buy your product or service won’t find your website: they will buy from your competitors instead. Contact us if you’re ready to effectively increase exposure to your website.

Link Building Importance in SEO

Customized Link Building Campaign :

The process of link building requires a lot of time and effort, and our team of in-house SEO link building experts believes in creating customized solutions for each client. Every website, business and industry has its own challenges to overcome to achieve success, and with many years in the industry we have seen it all!

At Be Visible, we conduct a thorough analysis of your current backlinks, as well as those to your competitors’ pages, to look for opportunities and identify targeted websites relevant to your industry. In this way we can create a superior backlink portfolio for your website compared to your competitors, and help you to rank highly for your targeted keywords. All of the inbound links we create for you are from reputable sites with quality content and will help drive more traffic to your site.

Because we have many different methods at our disposal, you can be sure that no matter which method we choose, it will be affecting your website in a positive way. We use a wide variety of links for our clients as we want to create a diverse backlink portfolio.

Various Link Building Services :

For us, link building is an art. It requires thought and time and each solution must be customized in order to show the best results for your site. Obtaining a link, for many, can take a lot of time and energy. Sadly, many efforts are unfruitful, but our team not only dedicates time to obtaining these valuable links, but over time has developed processes to do so efficiently so that you can benefit from our extensive contacts, expertise and years of experience in the field. Some examples of our tried and true methods include:

  • Relevant links
  • Targeted requests for content placement
  • Guest blog post and article placement
  • And everything in between!
  • We can get you more links, with higher quality, per rand, giving your website more authority than you could otherwise archive with your budget.

Link Building SEO


Link Building Criteria :

We look at a number of criteria to decide if linking to a site is a good fit for you. We want to acquire links from sites with relevant content, as high a PageRank as possible and a site with a good page and domain authority. All of these factors play into the quality of the link along with design elements, the number and type of outbound links on the site and the age of the domain.

Here are the criteria we use when placing links:

  • PageRank (PR) of the Domain
  • Domain PageRank (PR)Many internet marketers will argue the value of Google’s PageRank but we do look for PR when evaluating the potential of a site. It is a quick and easy indicator of value. PR can also indicate if a site’s architecture is well designed. We see value in sites that pass page rank to internal pages.
  • Domain Authority (DA)
  • Domain Authority (DA)Domain Authority is a website quality metric provided by SEOMoz tools. This score uses nearly 150 signals in the calculation and ranges from 0 to 100 points. This metric applies to the entire domain.
  • Page Authority (PA)
  • Page Authority (PA)Page Authority is another quality metric provided by SEOMoz tools. Again ranging from 0 to 100 but specific to an individual page.
  • Content and Theme Relevancy
  • Content and Theme Relevancy,Relevancy of content or theme does have an impact on the quality of linking. We do prefer to link to sites that have some relation to the target URL. For example, we might build links to a hotel site and use a general travel blog or even a site about travel insurance. By using relevant sites, you can actually pick up traffic with users clicking the link.
  • Do Follow Links
  • Do-Follow Links.We focus on do-follow links. The do-follow links will provide link juice. 
seo signals for your website

Anchor Text

Anchor Text – We strive to target your link building efforts on sites that accept anchor text links. We make sure to vary the text in the links, as this is a part of natural link building. It is not a good idea to only use one keyword or keyword phrase when link building. There is a tipping point of using the same keyword over and over again. We prefer to use variations and long tail phrases to supplement your short terms. For example, you might use this as anchor text, “Cape Town hotels”, but you should also use phrases like, “discount Cape Town hotels”, “hotels near the beach in Cape Town”.

Link Attraction

Link attraction is all about creating engaging content which in turn is very valuable for link building. This content can be text, video, graphics or really any format that lends itself to being shared and having other sites linking to it. Content pieces like “Top 10 lists”, “How to lists”, Contests, Promotions and infographics are the best for this type of link building. We will be happy to work with you to create compelling content pieces to enhance link building efforts.

Best of all – Link building is included in all our SEO packages – leave it to the experts…

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Link Building Strategy

Link Building Strategy

Link Building Strategy