SEO Return on investment

Return on investment - SEO

SEO ROI ( Return on Investment ) = value added by SEO/cost of SEO.

At Be Visible we strive to increase your return on investment by implementing strategic marketing techniques bring more customers to your business.

Value added by SEO

The first thing is estimating the value added by your SEO endeavors. Value added by SEO = total value of leads generated by SEO + brand exposure value + miscellaneous residual effects. Brand exposure is important too and is highly correlated to your traffic numbers: a user may arrive at your site that had no intention to purchase, but this user may eventually refer a qualified lead to your site. SEO traffic metrics : when your SEO campaigns increase the number of engaged visitors, the SEO campaign is helping build your brand. 

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Cost of SEO

Cost of SEO = money spent directly on SEO + labor costs of SEO.

Be sure to account for payment for tools and services.SEO is incredibly labor-intensive; if you do not outsource SEO, the internal labor costs of SEO will comprise the bulk of your SEO costs. 

If you properly measure and analyze traffic and leads, you will better position yourself to measure the ultimate performance indicator of any marketing campaign. Do your company’s SEO endeavors provide adequate return on investment?

Be Visible will report on your SEO Return on Investment on a monthly basis. Click here for more information 

Return on investment - Search Engine Optimization