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Be Visible is one of the leading SEO companies in South Africa

So what exactly is SEO and why do a business need the assistance of a professional SEO company?

Well lets start by explaining what SEO is.

Organic SEO is the optimization of a website so that it features / ranks high on targeted keywords on all search engine.

For a website to show up in the “natural” or un-paid (“organic”) of a search engine’s result, it is imperative that search engine optimization (a technical ongoing process that improves the prominence of a website to search engines) is applied to the website.  A website will receive more visits from users searching for a product or service when the site ranks higher on a search results page and frequently appears in the search results list as opposed to a website that does not rank well.

Now this is where we come in…

We do a full technical audit on the health of your website and implement SEO features guided by Google’s best practice guide.


The SEO Audit will include the following;

· Benchmark Report
· Client Setup
· Analytics Setup
· Architectural Analysis
· Content Audit
· Metadata Audit
· Keyword Research
· Rankings


We also make sure a solid Content Marketing and Content Strategy complimented by a skilled SEO copywrite implementation.


Through our experience we have seen that the higher the ranking the more leads and business the ranked website will receive. Thus increasing our client business.

With only 10 organic spot on the 1st page of Google it is an all out war for the top 10 positions.

The financial value that is added to your business by a high ranking website cannot be undervalued.

Consider for a moment … if your competitor’s business ranks higher than yours in search engine results it stands to reason that your competitor will most likely receive a lead.

Organic SEO companies


With more that 5 years experience in SEO , Be Visible has cemented its SEO brand as one of the leading and most successful SEO firms in South Africa.

We believe the proof is in the pudding…

To recap on our service : 

Be Visible is an innovative SEO company in South Africa and provide professional SEO services.  


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Increase your business visibility on the net through our expertise

As part of the Internet marketing strategy discussed with every client, Be Visible  develops a SEO strategy plan custom made for your website or ecommerce platform by analysing the strengths and weaknesses of the present technical setup of the site, taking into account previously targeted keywords, the on-page content, what the link building profile looks like and a competitor analysis. The first and very important step for a successful SEO Strategy is quality link building. Search Engines look favourably upon sites that have many links pointing to it and treat it as a site with good prospects. As one of the best company in  Internet Marketing and Search Engine Optimization in South Africa  we add value and pride to our business by growing yours and meeting set out objectives.

For businesses who are serious about reaching the highest possible ranking on Google and other search engines, Be Visible South Africa specializes in advance SEO techniques offering your business valuable turnkey solutions.

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