Off Site and On Optimization

Advanced SEO explained:

get on the 1st page of google ( seo )

There are basically two major forms of search engine optimization; they are the on-site SEO and the off-site SEO

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While some websites are able to land in the front page of the search results doing only one aspect of SEO, the attained high page rank will not last long if one component is missing. 

Offsite SEO accounts to about 75% of the site’s page rank, while onsite SEO contributes approximately 25%. Others will say its 70%/30% in favor of offsite SEO. Either way, the main point is offsite SEO is the major component, but that doesn’t mean that you will neglect to conduct onsite optimization altogether.

Differentiating between onsite SEO and offsite SEO :

 The following outlines a brief overview on each major component of search engine optimization.

social SEO

Onsite SEO

Onsite optimization is anything that you do within your website to optimize it for the search engines. There are key factors to consider here. They are listed as follows:

  • The domain name
  • The meta description
  • Web contents
  • Internal links
  • Tags and metatags
  • Anchor texts
  • Rich media files
  • Bounce rate
  • Loading speed


Off Site SEO :

off site seo

There are two types of SEO; the white hat SEO and the black hat SEO. White hat SEO is the legal method, therefore make sure that every web optimization activity that you do is within the legal bounds of Google

Social media is also becoming popular today that Google use it as one of the ranking parameters. Social shares and social likes are signs of rising popularity of a web page due to the value of the information in the content. Therefore, we increase the social engagement of your blog pages and you will also increase their ranking positions in the search engines.

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Off Site and On Optimization

Off Site and On Optimization

Off Site and On Optimization